Creating supportive social
environments where children
can explore, learn, create and

I Can Play! Was founded in 2003 to provide children an
opportunity to further develop their communication, play
and social skills. We recognize the growing academic
focus in the school setting. This increased academic
focus unfortunately often coincides with fewer
enrichment programs and little support for social
emotional development.  While we recognize the push
for increased academic strength, we know that life
requires a great deal of social interaction. For some
children it is difficult to acquire social aptitude within a
crowded, fast paced, classroom setting with out
additional support. Our trained specialists can provide
school consultation,  one on one in-home intervention
and social groups for children who need more in-depth
social/developmental opportunities. We know how
important communication and friendship are for a child's

Our philosophy is a unique blend of enthusiasm, Applied
Behavior Analysis and play based naturalistic methods
(PRT & Floortime). We follow the lead of the child while
providing parameters, structure, relevant lessons and
feedback. A well rounded program creates well rounded
enthusiastic learners.
About Us

Our foundation is in behavior analysis. We use
behavioral tools such as the Three-term contingency
(ABC’s of behavior), task analysis, reinforcement,
shaping, chaining and imitation. All while taking into
consideration the complexity of human behavior and
child development.

While behavior analysis is our foundation, our Floortime
(relationship based model) training is the key element
that allows us to successfully facilitate healthy human
development and assist our clients in acquiring life long
relationships. Understanding the concepts of regulation,
engaging/relating, intentional two way communication,
social problem solving, creating symbols, emotional
thinking, triangular thinking, differentiated emotional
thinking and a sense of self are vital pieces of
knowledge for a facilitator. Recognizing the gleam in a
child’s eye, intrinsic motivation, novel ideas, the
development of humor and connectedness is a skill only
experience and Floortime training can provide.
Meet Cari Miller
Founder of I Can Play

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