Cari began working with children in 1996 and found she
had a passion for it. She began her education in Social
Sciences at Northern Arizona University, received her
B.A. at SDSU. and shortly after found that learning was a
passion of hers........

Education: Undergraduate degree in Developmental
Psychology (SDSU), Masters in Human Development &
Leadership, Certificated Behavior Analyst (Masters
Level, BCBA program)

Cari has had the opportunity to attend many conferences
and learn from some amazing leaders in the field of child
development. Listed are a few of the opportunities she
has had.

Training: PRT (Pivotal Response Training, provided by
Dr. Koegel UCSB, Dr. Stahmer UCSD), DIR/Floortime
(Conferences ICDL, Dr. Kalmanson, Osgood, Sojourn
Services, team collaborations with Dr. Feder), Sensory
Integration, Social Stories (Carol Grey), Social Thinking
(Michelle G. Winner), RDI (Relationship Development
Intervention), ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis, provided
by California Association of Behavior Analysts.
CalABA), TEACCH certified (North Carolina, Chapel
Hill), PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System,
Pyramid Lori Frost, M.S. CCC/SLP and Dr. Bondy),
Social facilitation, blending methodologies, theory of
mind, executive functioning, emotional intelligence
(graduate thesis), effective consultation and leadership
(graduate focus).

Curriculum related training: Hand Writing Without Tears,
Links to Language, Learning Processes
(LindaMood-Bell), Touch Math, Teach Me Language, Do
Watch Listen Say, Fast Forward, Prioritizing and
organizing for task completion/homework (Michelle

Experience: Nearly 20 years of experience providing
parent training, staff training, in home programming,
school consultation and organizing social groups for
children as young as 15 months up to 19 years of age in
both San Diego County and Los Angeles County.
Director of training for a local autism consulting agency,
Specialist for San Diego City Schools, Developmental
Specialist Children's Hospital (per diem). Founder of I
CAN PLAY! Jan. 2003.

Current area of interest: Multi-discipline & child centered
programming,  social facilitation, communication, play,
relationship based methods, organizing thoughts and
actions, assisting children in developing a joy for
learning, supporting children in their social emotional

"I enjoy what I do and it is my hope that my enjoyment
is contagious."
 -Cari Miller
Cari Miller, M.A.
Founder & Facilitator